About the Author

Journey into Imagination with the Author of Buddy the Bear Books!

Imaginetime Buddy the Bear Books is back with story time and paint visits!  Bring the love of reading and the arts to your location! For more information please contact us at info@buddythebearbooks.com.   


About the Author

Victoria Allen is a children book's author from the Carolinas. She is continuously inspired by the world around her and enjoy bringing Buddy the Bear adventures to spark the imagination of all of her readers! She always enjoyed being a leader in the community to help children learn lessons to foster success in their future.

The call to help children build literacy started by joining the Read Charlotte initiative to help close the literacy gap in the community as a HELPS reading tutor. Due to COVID-19, schools began to close and the reading tutor opportunity was put on hold indefinitely. She began to think of ways she could still help close the literacy gap! She reached out to authors all around the world with a call to action to provide their books to the ImagineTime TV reading channel! The response was huge and ImagineTime TV book collection grew!



We believe in giving back to the community. By choosing to purchase from Buddy the Bear Books, you are making a meaningful difference in the community. A portion of your purchase goes directly to Imaginetime TV, the reading channel dedicated to bridging the diversity gap and promoting literacy among the youth, fostering a brighter future for all. 

Visit the website at imaginetimetv.com!